Life is challenging for all of us....and the challenges don't come with a handbook.

Along the journey, we sometimes lose our way....within ourselves or with others.

~we enounter unexpected detours.
~or our chosen paths become uncertain.
~or we feel alone in the lives we thought we knew.

Sometimes we just feel stuck in the daily struggles of life....
~complicated thoughts and feelings.
~relationship struggles.
~parenting issues.
~school or work concerns.
~new life experiences and transitions.

Sometimes....we simply feel too overwhelmed and confused to find our way through the darkness.

Change is possible . Establishing a safe and confidential place to process your thoughts and feelings with professional assistance and support can develop your perspective and offer new ideas.

Whether you seek to readjust a current path or create a new one, you do not have to do it alone. We will work together to better understand where you want to go and explore how to get there.

I welcome the opportunity to join you in your journey. There is hope and there is help.

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